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Not Just Another Marketing Agency


Founded in 1997, the foundation of GSF is relationships. The passionate communicator wanting to start a national ministry, the small business wanting to promote their product in video, the celebrity wanting to connect with an audience more intimately — it’s all relationship.


“Fail early, fail fast, and be wrong as fast as you can.” We understand what it means to turn pain into progress. We aren’t different just to stand apart, we are different to make a lasting impression through the work we do. You deserve that — and we deserve a shot at making it happen for you.


When people hire GSF, it’s because they want out-of-the-box thinking. They want new ideas, powered by results, delivered with excellence. We create concepts that turn into movements. Relationship + Creativity +Innovation. That’s what you get with GSF Media.

Capturing stories, interviews, creating promos, exposing your brand to thousands of new customers.
Dazzling photography, 7 days a week customer service, aggressive growth on all your social platforms.
Defining goals, connecting dots, coming up with ideas that defy all expectations.
What Our Clients Say
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Seriously. Watch this video again. 

We can help you. Here’s all the things we can do…


QUESTIONS. Are you asking the right ones about your marketing direction—the ones no one thinks to ask? We will.

RELATIONSHIPS. You need the right connections. You need access no one else can get. It’s our #1 quality.

TIMING. See deliverables. Make it achievable. Accomplish greatness and hit goals. We’ll set the way.

We work with the top communicators in the country and place their messages on hundreds of radio stations every year. In-depth analysis. Negotiations. Exclusive Nielsen ratings. We are experts at all syndication needs. Here’s just two examples…

Turning Point Radio Stations
My MoneyLife Radio Stations

All platforms. All post types. 7-days a week monitoring. Original content, customized with your branding. Professionally-trained customer service creating raving fans.


ANALYSIS – Understand your donors, their giving capacity, their goals and interests. We help you communicate more effectively in your messaging by analyzing your entire database, securely.

CAMPAIGNS – You have a worthy cause, a true message, and goals. But you need a campaign that will set you apart from the crowd. We’ve raised tens of millions of dollars for organizations through ground-breaking campaign methods that still are generating results decades later. Get serious about results.

DONOR RELATIONS – Are you developing a real relationship with your donors? Or just asking for money. Do you pray with them? Do you understand their goals? We can deepen your relationship with your great fans.

Viral Interviews
Multi-camera, make-up, lights — and compelling questions. Viral videos that get millions of views.
Licensed. Insured. Experienced. Capture your world from a whole new perspective.
Promos, Stories, Web Videos
We make hundreds of videos every year for all types of occasions, audiences, purposes, and goals. Let’s talk!
Daily Radio
We write and produce multiple radio programs that air nationally. Building relationships, furthering causes.
Events, products, movies, messages. We’ve done it all. Any length, any variety. Get results. Ask for examples!

Listen to our audio reel!

Professional, high-quality images of your hard work and products. We capture it in a way that you can’t believe it’s really yours.

Crisp visuals. Simple designs. We make it easy for your audience clearly understand who you are and why you exist. From your website to your Instagram, we do it all.